We know that there are many questions with this type of event...

We have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions below.

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Frequently asked questions

Main Expo FAQ

How do I get a haircut at the expo?

To get a haircut at the expo, you can go to and see who is available for walk up clients OR you can make an appointment with an barber beforehand. You can find a list of barbers attending each show on our social media and with our events page!

How do I get to the expo?

The location for the expo is ALWAYS listed on our site, as well as the event pages for that show on our Facebook and other social media.

How much are haircuts and tattoos?

The cost is completely and totally up to each individual artist or barber. We do not give out price quotes for participants. Please contact the participants!

Are haircuts or tattoos free?

No. Our artists and barbers need to make a living as well...

Does the price of admission go towards part of my haircut or tattoo?

Sorry, It does not. Our entrance fee does not contribute to the cost of your services.

Do I make an appointment with a barber or tattoo artist?

It all depends on the barber or artist! You will most likely have the choice of either. Some do not take appointments at shows and only seek walk up clients, and there are some that would prefer you schedule ahead.

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just walk up to a barber or tattoo artist?

To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

How do I get a tattoo at the expo?

To get tattooed at the expo, you can go to and see who is available for walk up clients OR you can make an appointment with an artist beforehand. You can find a list of tattoo artists attending each show on our social media and with our events page!

How do I get tickets to the expo?

Tickets can be purchased at the door.
Online ticket pre-sales will be listed on the show page and social medias.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

Most states require the minimum age to get tattooed is 18, we will be enforcing the state laws of that specific state we are in. You MUST have proper and VALID identification with you!!!

Who will be at the show?

VIP guests, artist/vendor listing, and performers will be listed under the Artists Attending section with each corresponding show on our website as well as on our social media.

What is the advantage to buying an advance ticket online?

If you buy an advance ticket for the show you can walk right up to security, show your ticket, and get a hand stamp. No waiting in the ticketing line.

How do I make an appointment with a barber or tattoo artist?

You will need to contact the artist or barber personally to make an appointment. We do not have anything to do with how or if they schedule at the expo. However, if you check the attending list for that expo, you will find that each participant listed will have links to their website or social media, where you can almost always find contact info!

Artist / Barber / Tattoo Artist FAQ

How do I sign up for an artist booth?

First, email us to request the applications. Please provide your shop's website or artist portfolios to: batxkc@gmail.com Once you have received the applications, fill them out and email them back! Once we get your paperwork we will provide you with links to pay. A half deposit is required to consider your booth reserved.

How do I request placement/ next to someone?

You will see a space for this specific request on your expo app!

Who needs to submit health department paperwork?

The Health Department requirements only apply if there is tattooing in your booth.

What comes with the purchase of my booth?

THREE wristbands for 2 artists & 1 assistant. (If you need more wristbands, you may purchase them at check-in.)
Two Tables. (One wood 6ft x 2ft front table with black table cloth. Extra tables are available for $20.)
Four chairs
Electricity (if needed)
Trash bin & liner
All booths are 8x10 unless specified otherwise

How do I check in and set up at the expo location?

Early check in/set up is 6PM Thursday before the show unless otherwise specified. Friday morning check in/set up is 9AM unless otherwise specified.

Is the expo truly held in a hotel and do we have to stay there?

The Expo is held in a hotel but you are not obligated to purchase a room in the hotel to stay.

How do I get on the mailing list to receive information on each show?

Email batx@gmail.com Send us a message on the website

How do I pay for an artist booth?

Email your booth registration form to batxkc@gmail.com and we will send you an invoice from our online payment system. One invoice will be sent to make a half deposit, then another to make the final payment. Your inbox may thread these together. The system will not allow you to make duplicate transactions on the same day. If you'd like to pay all at once you may notate that on your paperwork. You may also list two emails if you'd like to split the payment between artists. Please add batxkc@gmail.com to your address book to avoid the invoices going to your spam.

How do I get info on Health Department Requirements?

Email batxkc@gmail.com

Someone called me about a hotel room... was that BATX KC?

No. We will never call you about hotel rooms. Neither will our participating hotels. Our hotel block information is available on our website. You must reach out to the hotel directly to book a room. Please do not give any suspicious callers your information.

Vendor FAQ

Sponsor FAQ

Tattoo Competitions FAQ

Can anyone enter the Tattoo Competitions?

Yes, anyone can enter the Tattoo Contests, as long as they have pieces that fit the categories.

What is the size breakdown for entries?

Small- 4”x4” or smaller, Medium- 8”x8” or smaller, Large- 12”x12” or smaller, Extra Large- 12”x12” or larger. A larger piece such as arm sleeve can be broken down into smaller pieces to enter multiple categories.

What tattoos are eligible for Tattoo of the Day / Best in Expo?

A Tattoo of the Day eligible entry must be done start to finish on the day of entry at the expo. If it is worked on more than one day or past the deadline for Tattoo of the Day, it can be entered in Daily categories or in Best of Show only.

Can fresh or new tattoos be entered in the regular daily categories?

Yes, newly done tattoos can be entered in daily categories, as well healed tattoos.

Is there a cut off time for tattoo competition entries?

Yes, entries are taken from the opening of the show until 15 minutes prior to judging.
Example: Saturday judging begins at 5 pm, so cut off for registration is 4:45 pm.

Is there a limit to the amount of entries that one artist can enter?

No, there isn’t a limit to the number of entries a person can enter.

Barber Competition FAQ



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